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Welcome to the MAA Website

On behalf of the board of directors, we thank you for visiting the official website of the Mississippi Auctioneers Association.

The Mississippi Auctioneers Association (MAA) is an organization of professional auctioneers that promotes, through its membership, the auction method of marketing in the State of Mississippi.

The MAA was established to allow the professional auctioneer a means to stay abreast of the latest auction procedures, license law changes and other events that could affect the auction profession.

Goals of the Mississippi Auctioneers Association:

  • To provide a means by which the members of the auction profession may coordinate their efforts for the improvement of the auction profession.
  • To protect the general public against unethical auctioneers.
  • To collect and disseminate information and data relative to the auction profession to members of the association.
  • To promote legislation beneficial to the auction profession.
  • To establish the highest standards of business ethics among its members.
  • Please contact us with any questions or suggestions concerning our association and website.

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