Mississippi Licensing Law

Kam Remsen, Executive Director

Mississippi Auctioneer Commission

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Auctioneer license?

Age 18, high school diploma or GED, auctioneer school, two years auction business; exam if not grandfathered in.


Bankruptcy sale; sale by the U.S. or the State of Mississippi; sale by a charity or non-profit organization; sale of individual property; foreclosure sale; sale by sealed bid; sale by stockyard as defined in Federal Packers Act of 1921; sale of livestock by non-profit association.

Must an auctioneer hold a real estate license if he/she will only be calling bids at a real estate auction?

Must auctioneer hold a real estate license if he/she is handling all aspects of a real estate auction, including closing?

Must a person hold an auctioneer license to call bids at a real estate auction?

Alabama Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas

Does state require an examination?
Yes. Examination fee: $100.

License fees:
Resident (gallery and livestock), $200 biannually; non-resident auctioneer (includes gallery and livestock), $450 biannually.

Does state require a bond?
Yes. Amount: $10,000.

Does state maintain its own recovery fund?

*The Mississippi Auctioneer Commission is the state licensing and regulatory authority that oversees compliance with the Mississippi Code of 1972 annotated, Chapter 4, Title 73. The Mississippi Auctioneers Association is a non-profit organization completely independent of, but subject to the laws and regulations set forth by, the Mississippi Auctioneer Commission.

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