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Live Coin Auction!

Coin collections from SIX estates! Note the early start time of 9:00 am. Doors will open at 8am for preview! Join us in Green Bay the day before the Nicolet Coin Show at the Rock Garden - just across the street!



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Five cent gold piece (more gold may be added)
Large quantity of Morgan/other silver dollars
Over 5000 wheat pennies
Large amount of silver dollars-halves-quarters-dimes
Buffalo nickels
MANY proof sets from MANY years
1864 and 1866 2-cent pieces

Carson City Silver Dollars

Photos and a partial listing are up!
This is a pretty LARGE coin auction, and we are only listing and photographing a portion of it! I would guess that there is at least 'double' the amount of coins that we will be listing...SIX Estate collections including many silver coins not photographed or listed!

Partial Listing:
$20 US Gold Certificate - 1922
$20 Venezuelan Currency
1830 Dime
1834 US Large Cent
1862 Concordia Two Dollar Bill with Red Back
1864 Two-Cent Piece
1866 Two-Cent Piece
1868 Shield Nickel
1879 Carson City Silver Dollar
1880 $5 Gold Piece
1880 Carson City Silver Dollar
1880-0 Morgan Silver Dollar
1881-S Morgan Silver Dollar
1882 Carson City Silver Dollar
1882-S Morgan Silver Dollar
1885 Morgan Silver Dollar
1885-O Morgan Silver Dollar
1885-S Morgan Silver Dollar
1886 Indian Head Penny
1886 Morgan Silver Dollar
1886-1986 Liberty Coin Set
1887 Indian Head Penny
1887 Morgan Silver Dollar
1887-0 Morgan Silver Dollar
1889 Morgan Silver Dollar
1890-S Morgan Silver Dollars
1890 Morgan Silver Dollar
1890-0 Morgan Silver Dollar
1891 Morgan Silver Dollar
1892-S Morgan Dollar
1893-0 Morgan Silver Dollar
1895-S Morgan Dollar
1896-O Morgan Silver Dollar
1896-S Morgan Silver Dollar
1897-O Morgan Silver Dollar
1899-0 Morgan Silver Dollar
1899-S Morgan Silver Dollar
1900 English Large Cent
1900 Indian Head Penny
1900-0 Morgan Silver Dollars
1901-0 Morgan Silver Dollar
1904 Morgan Silver Dollar
1906 Indian Head Penny
1906 Indian Head Penny
1921 PDS Morgan Silver Dollars
1921-D Morgan Silver Dollar
1921-D Peace Silver Dollar
1921-S Peace Silver Dollar
1922 Peace Silver Dollars
1922-S Peace Silver Dollar
1923 Monroe Centennial Coin
1923 Peace Silver Dollar
1924-P Buffalo Nickel
1924-S Peace Silver Dollar
1925 Peace Silver Dollar
1934-S Peace Silver Dollar
1935-E Silver Certificate 'Star Note'
1935-S Peace Silver Dollar
1943 & 1944 Walking Liberty Halves
1962-D Undersize Mis-Struck Half Thickness- Penny
1964 Kennedy Halves - Qty 14
1973 American Revolution Silver Dollar
1974-D Lincoln Brilliant Uncirculated Penny
1985 JFK 20th Anniversary Coin
1986 Mexican Proof Set
1987 Silver Eagle
1992, 1924, 1925-S Peace Silver Dollars
American Commemorative Buffalo Dollar - 2001
Barber Halves - 1983, 1902-O, 1904
Eisenhower Dollars - Book
Franklin Halves
Indian Head Cents 1856-1909
Kennedy Halves
Pre 1965 Silver Quarters
Roosevelt Dimes
Silver American Eagle - 1998
Walking Liberty Halves - 1935, 1939-D, 1944-S, 1945
Walking Liberty Halves



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